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04 July 2013 @ 13:00
photobucket bandwidth and tumblr  
HMMM. It looks like all the images I have stored on photobucket will be out of commission until the 16th. This is a problem since I'm planning on uploading some stuff before then.

Does anyone who's familiar with tumblr know how image uploading works on that site? Is it possible to host pictures on tumblr and then link to them on LJ without the internet imploding and angry people knocking on my door?

In any case I'll start using my tumblr now. I'll post downloads and WIPs and other sims stuff and it'll allow me to see what everyone else is doing in their games since everything seems to be on tumblr these days. Please link me your simblrs and I'll follow them!
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Current Music: julie london - the good life
kurimisarang: chellkurimisarang on 5th July 2013 22:06 (UTC)
I was kind of wailing thinking how you too would leave LJ, then I realized I could actually see pictures of your game ! *forever stalkery*
delonariel: en rosedelonariel on 6th July 2013 05:50 (UTC)
*Squee*, no one I'd rather be stalked by! :D Do you have a tumblr?

And I'm not leaving LJ at all, I still like it a lot more that tumblr, it's just easier and quicker to post small updates there when you don't need to host the images elsewhere.