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31 October 2013 @ 12:26
Bunnies, Frogs, and Penguins.  
shastakiss posted this lovely birthday gift for me which everyone else has probably seen by now, and I wanted to make something to thank her.

So what does Shasta like, I asked myself. Cute things? And what's cuter than a bunny trash bin?

I use keoni's Franny Bunny Lights a lot but you can never have too many of them, so this is a very simple night-light deco version of them in their original size.

Also introducing two frame and four painting recolours of the chess paintings from the Wonderland set, including some slightly cute but mostly creepy art from MySims that will have you questioning your sanity. Who punched the bunny in the eye? Why is that banana so square? Is that chair coming towards you?

The objects and frog and penguin pictures are from the Animals Abound set.
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kurimisarang: chellkurimisarang on 31st October 2013 13:02 (UTC)
*incoherent noise* adorablefluffinesssss
delonariel: en rosedelonariel on 31st October 2013 13:50 (UTC)
So glad to see you! Hope you enjoy them and the chair doesn't give you nightmares :D
shastakissshastakiss on 31st October 2013 13:29 (UTC)
!!!! Super-cute things! LOOK AT HOW CUTE THESE ARE! Sugar-pie!! You didn't have to do this adorable thing BUT I'M SO HAPPY YOU DID! I love them to bits, thank you very much, thank you! :3 I'm completely useless for the rest of the day now ♥
delonariel: en rosedelonariel on 31st October 2013 13:45 (UTC)
:DDD So glad you like them! I'm feeling a lot like that elephant atm so I guess we'll both be pretty useless! Thank *you*!! Happy Spooky day <3
misty_fluff: misty_fluffmisty_fluff on 1st November 2013 08:29 (UTC)

As you might know, I'm not much into cuteness and pastel color stuff, but I make an exception with children. And the more clutter, the merrier. But do I sense a slight addiction to bunnies on your part? What's with the you-know-which doll? :D
delonariel: en rosedelonariel on 2nd November 2013 06:20 (UTC)
I'm not even gonna deny it, total bunny addict here, especially if they come in freezers. And they're so yummy to eat, too... The you-know-which doll is totally happening :D I'm converting in bulk this weekend so it'll be up soon.
sims2snfkggh: NaNoWriMo 2013 participantsims2snfkggh on 3rd November 2013 15:05 (UTC)
Those trash bins are SO freakin' cute! =D
delonariel: en rosedelonariel on 3rd November 2013 15:46 (UTC)
Agreed! Hope you'll have fun using them, and good luck with NaNo!
brightgoldsoul: pic#122116780brightgoldsoul on 4th November 2013 05:18 (UTC)
These are adorable! Thank you so much for sharing! *-*
delonariel: en rosedelonariel on 4th November 2013 06:33 (UTC)
You're welcome!
ranabluuranabluu on 4th January 2015 21:55 (UTC)
These are cute. The weirdness of the pictures remind me of Adventure Time and the weirdness of the cartoon in general. As I read the description I saw something bouncing and I thought it was a cat but upon futher inspections it's an elephant. This post and thread is awesome. Thanks for sharing.