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25 March 2014 @ 09:13
Happy Birthday Shasta!  
I'm not sure exactly how tropical/piratey your tropical-pirate-steampunk hood is, but I hope this random collection of objects and default replacement tumblers will be of some use to you. Happy Birthday, buddy! Hope you have a great day. :D

I can't sing at all, so please let these kids serenade you with the best birthday song ever.

This little set includes a dining table version of the Castaway poker table, the potted palm from the BV tropical food stand (BV required,) and the Kraken Wall Companion. Spruce up your curtains, stick him over an arch, or use him to recreate that bed from Octopussy. He comes with a bunch of recolours, mostly shastakiss's metals. AL required and I think I got the shifting figured out, but please let me know if something's not working. I've got that 'did I leave the oven on' feeling.

And three versions of the Paradise Island drinks made default. You can only have one in your downloads folder at any given time.
(I wasn't able to share the Castaway bar tray, but I'm working on it.)

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(Anonymous) on 5th August 2015 03:05 (UTC)
I have downloaded this before, but currently am unable to. When I click the download button nothing happens.
delonariel: en rosedelonariel on 5th August 2015 07:46 (UTC)
I'm in the process of moving everything over to another host because the box bandwidth is up, they'll be fixed soon :)