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01 April 2015 @ 16:51
Executron Executive Set  

More TS4 conversions! I know a lot of TS4 players were disappointed about the lack of CAStyle, but I kind of love not having to make textures anymore. :P

This is the business career reward set from one of the TS4 patches. The bookcase requires AL and all the wood and leather comes in a variety of recolours. I left the career requirements in the object descriptions because I'm nitpicky like that, and I changed the size of the miniature zen garden because it was goshdarn microscopic.

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misty_fluffmisty_fluff on 15th April 2015 14:37 (UTC)
I guess it's high time to pass a comment on your lovely conversions, which are so useful for any kind of office. I especially like the name plate and the pen holder, EA has certainly improved with the creation of clutter items. If they now just learned how to size them correctly, we all would be able to lead a happy, worry-free life. ;)

Kind regards, and stay healthy and well through the fickle April weather!

delonariel: en rosedelonariel on 19th April 2015 13:22 (UTC)
Thank you, though I can't take much credit for anything since we even get the textures ready this time around. TS4 has so much awesome clutter, it's like christmas.

Your well-wishes are extra welcome today because I just came down with something!