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Functional Old Mill & Free Time Tea Sets

I've been having a bit of a rough time with anxiety lately, but I was absolutely thrilled to see all the lovely edwardian clothes Skell has made. Having a neighbourhood for nothing but tea parties and pretty clothes, gardens, and houses is very relaxing.

I can't take much credit for this, the meshes are from Maxis and the tea set itself is by Jasana ( who was kind enough to let me clone it. Recolouring is as easy as recolouring the master files but any requests to do anything else should go through Jasana, as per her TOU.

The Free Time set should be BG compatiable bacause I couldn't figure out how to double-slave the texture, but I included all the basic EAxis recolours.

I also included a decorative, separated version of the Old Mill set, including  a recolour of the FT pottery plate to go with this set.

By lucky chance the animation works perfectly. Sims will hold the cup with their index finger curled through the ear, and neatly bring the cup to their lips. The FT cup looks a bit more muggy.

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