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12 July 2015 @ 16:59
Pirate Bloomers  
My first CAS upload! My pirate lasses were in need of some undewear-looking stuff to swim in and I absolutely fell in love with this otherwise useless HM outfit. (The little bows!)

Available for AF and TF, fat morph included, categorized as swim- sleep-, and underwear. Comes in Maxis textures and a handful of recolours to match this set by Decat which inspired all this bodyshop torture.

Embarassing Fun story: I struggled with the TF conversion for days and couldn't understand why it wasn't working until I realized I never actually put the mesh in the downloads folder.

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shastakissshastakiss on 12th July 2015 19:22 (UTC)
I came here to see about a fish-god but I'm so happy to find this too! These are adorable and perfect perfect perfect for piratey old-timey swimwear :D Thank you very much, I need to stop recoloring stuff and play my game instead so I can use these ♥
delonariel: en rosedelonariel on 12th July 2015 20:17 (UTC)
Yay, more textures!

Oh yes, I know that feeling! I was supposed to play this weekend but now I'm sitting here converting steamer trunks. On the other hands our neighbourhoods are going to be *so* pimped out once we get around to playing them. :D
Arpie: Resunicorn_magic on 24th July 2015 06:43 (UTC)
Thanks for making these! They should suit my Berem 'hood well.
delonariel: en rosedelonariel on 27th July 2015 11:44 (UTC)
Oh, how cool! I just had a look at your tumblr, what an awesome idea. I was building houses for my Nano last year, too. Sign of a true sims addict. :D
decat2 on 27th July 2015 01:35 (UTC)
Nice! Adding to my game! Leaving files out of the downloads folder: I did just that with my first object recolour and took me ages to work out why it wasn't showing up in game!
delonariel: en rosedelonariel on 27th July 2015 11:45 (UTC)
Haha, you feel so stupid afterwards. XD
Rosalie DietemanRosalie Dieteman on 1st December 2016 00:01 (UTC)
Even more embarassing...
I've done that at work!

Make change, compile, forget to move the executable to the shared directory, wonder why your change has no effect...