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13 July 2015 @ 13:13
Castaway Clutter  
Get your tetanus shots ready! (Just don't grab anything from that filthy med kit.) I was scouring the Castaway game files for the steamer trunk and found some other stuff from the utility set that no one seems to have converted yet. The set includes three versions of the medical kit, a parachute and some parachute ropes, and a coffee table version of the trunk.

They never show it in the game (for good reason!) but the medical kit actually has some absolutely disgusting looking supplies in it, but I'll leave that up to your own perusal.

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anniebocalina on 2nd August 2015 15:29 (UTC)
Difficulty downloading
I am so excited about this download! I love Castaway objects for the Sims 2 I have a box account but I am having difficulty downloading. I've tried a couple of computers I was wondering if there was anyway you could upload some place in addition or find a way to send it? Like I said I'm really excited and really want to have it in my game. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
delonariel: en rosedelonariel on 3rd August 2015 05:59 (UTC)
Re: Difficulty downloading
My bad! My box is out of bandwidth, but I'll be moving everything over to another host and I'll have the links fixed soon. :)