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23 March 2013 @ 13:16
[sticky post] the big fix-it post  
Sharing Policy: Use whatever you like. It's always nice if you let me know so I can check it out though.

I'll be using this post for objects that need editing or fixing in any way. I don't always use everything I create right away, so if you notice anything wrong with one of my downloads, let me know. It can be anything from wrong GUIDs or catalogue descriptions to things stacking on top of each other on OFB shelves (<-pet peeve) and I'll do my best to fix it.

New: fixed download links for Barnacle Bay and Pirates & Nobles set and the Carnivale set. Sorry for the long wait, I was away for a while and it completely slipped my mind!
-misc deco from indian living, fall fruition and gothique
-Blackfyre doll, spyglass wall decorations.

I updated the blackfyre doll to make the texture less reflective and for better placement on OFB shelves. The game will only fit one doll per shelf now rather than six. (No touchy!) Comes with what I hope are the textures in the original download, replace them too.

The back of the "lock" painting was flashing blue so I fixed that along with the object description and a blending problem with the pointers on the clock.

Removed some bad shadows and fixed object placement on shelves, including the shadow on the gothique dining table.
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misty_fluff: misty_fluffmisty_fluff on 23rd March 2013 15:31 (UTC)

Thanks for telling me of the one thing I never test before releasing my conversions: placing the objects on OFB shelves. Gah!
I so seldomly play with businesses that I always forget about the placeability (is that a word?) and the stack size. Dynasty vase: not good for big objects. :)
Regarding the subject of the post: I noticed that the 'Airavata Sculpture' from the Indian store set (the white elephant) still has the shadow from the 'sculpturechimes'. I forgot to correct that so often myself that I now play with the shadows on for a considerable amount of time (also, my new computer doesn't complain about it), and as I've been building a kind of opium den (don't ask) and decorated it with some Indian objects I detected the shadow.
And now I think I have to peruse my own conversions. :)

delonariel: en rosedelonariel on 23rd March 2013 16:38 (UTC)
I only recently really started paying attention to the OFB stuff so I'm going back and fixing all my old stuff.

Thank you for telling me about the shadow! I always play with shadows turned off so that's one thing I very seldom notice if I've forgotten to remove it, I should really try it your way. And yay, opium den! I'm not even judging you, I've built a brothel. :X
kurimisarang: chellkurimisarang on 23rd March 2013 16:44 (UTC)
Thanks for the fix :) !
I noticed something that is not such a big problem, the elephant from "the big post-summer conversion dump" has a blocky shadow indoor, and the right one outdoor
delonariel: en rosedelonariel on 23rd March 2013 17:09 (UTC)
I think that's the same one misty mentioned. I'm gonna have a look at all the shadows and hopefully have them fixed tomorrow. :)
decat2 on 30th April 2013 04:39 (UTC)
What is your policy for your meshes? I'd like to know if I use your meshes- specifically, the Claw toys- I'd like to make them functional by Cloning Almighty Hat's buyable toys. thanks!
delonariel: en rosedelonariel on 27th May 2013 06:24 (UTC)
Hi, sorry for the late reply. The policy is do anything you want as long as you don't get paid for it.

And that sounds awesome! I hope it works out!